Prestige Silver Crest Pre Launch By Prestige Group


Prestige Silver Crest – Prestige troupe is presenting its one of the top system named as Prestige Silver Crest located at Marathahalli – Sarajpur outer ball road, Bangalore. Prestige Silver Crest is offering you the choice of 2 and 3 BHK apartments and sum of 122 units only on a berth state of fresh than 2 acres

Prestige Silver Crest Pre Launch By Prestige Group

Prestige Silver Crest Pre Launch By Prestige Group

Welcome to the lighter plane of extravagance current withprestige silver device Its possible to see the lighter plane out here; after all,when you are in a home that gives you all you could dram for, you do not needincreased colored spectacles to look at life Fantastic appearance, excellentinterest to details, laudable use of place, outstanding creditable of completeand most of all, a alcove equitable off the Sarjapur-Marthahalli Ring Road,significance you are basically a hop, maiden & caper away from work

In the new and final macrocosm of modernization, instance you theworld stratum holder in the period of authentic estate, where innovation meets withreality and the result is the development of the world. Prestige squad ispresenting its one of the elite system named as Prestige Silver Crest This isthe unique residential project consist with all major facilities, which willmake your life attainable and comfortable These apartments of Prestige Silver Crestare located at IT Belt of Bangalore, Marathahalli Sarajpur outer round roadThis housing imagine is offering you the option of 2 and 3 BHK apartments andtotal of 122 units only on a anchor province of additional than 2 acres. The scheme istotally covered with lordly fresh atmosphere, which is interest for your healthand at the equivalent occasion offering you a remarkably wide gamut of system level amenities,such as, staff house, swimming pool, power backup, fitness center, indoor game,and much more.

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The Prestige Group was promoted by Mr Razack Sattar in year1956 with the dram of retail assignment Prestige Properties is the subsidiaryof Prestige Group, which emerged in year 1986 for transact job in TRUE estateindustry. From the point of charge the squad has established itself as amarket probe in the field of residential, commercial, retail, leisure, andhospitality in the southern allocation of India At grant the team hassuccessfully completed 157 projects cope the province of 44.08 million sq ftThis is impartial not the later of the glory of Prestige Group, inert 61 projects arein drainpipe line, which cede tester weight space of 62.29 million sq ft In prospect ofthese data Prestige Group has been honored by 11 tributes in miscellaneous categoriesat the Asia Pacific Property Awards 2011 and at the equivalent point the bunch hasbeen awarded with the FIABCI Prix Excellence Award. All these awards evidencethe standard which the Prestige Group has form in the authentic estate world

is located denial to Intel office onMarathahalli Sarjapur outer ring road Prestige Silver emblem is walk abledistance from major software crew on outer round road like Intel, Cisco,Accenture bowler Gemini etc Prestige Silver token is well connected to Whitefieldelectronic city and kormanagala one of posh locality in Bangalore

Aside from every latter amenity and facility that would becharacteristic to an exclusive enclave such as the Prestige silver crest, we’resure what you entrust appreciate the most, is the fresh, pollution-free air andserenity this beautiful piece of paradise offers If you are considering buyinga apartment in Bangalore, Prestige silver figure is the place you deficiency to be at,a property that epitomizes The art of peaceful living

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