Five Great Quartet Whiteboard Accessories


Quartet is one of America’s premiermanufacturers of whiteboards, but did you moreover perceive that they make allthe supplies you deprivation to use with your board? Here are five greatQuartet whiteboard accessories you should consider purchasing.

Five Great Quartet Whiteboard Accessories

Quartet is one of America’s premiermanufacturers of whiteboards, but did you also sense that they make allthe supplies you absence to use with your board? From markers to erasers,cleaners to ornament caddies, Quartet has everything you dearth to makeusing your whiteboard a supplementary virile experience Here are five greatQuartet whiteboard accessories you should consider purchasing

1.) Dry-Erase Markers Obviously,if you obtain a whiteboard, you’re going the deprivation to abstract writingutensils and Quartet Dry-Erase Markers are a fantastic choice. Thereare several different varieties available, including chisel-tip,fine-point, and bullet-tip These markers are all non-toxic and theydon’t have a strong odor. They come in a handful of colors such asblack, blue, green, and red If you want more vibrant colors, QuartetScreamers are what you need because they come in turquoise, orange,purple, and lime coarse They besides stroke immense in your menial which willmake writing with them enjoyable.

2.) Dry-Erase Marker Board ErasersAfter your markers, the sequential article you deficiency is a high-quality eraser Agood eraser is one that entrust drain all traces of ink from the board,leaving you with a surface that entrust remain white for years. Quartererasers can do impartial that and some of them are washable, so you can usethe same one over and over again

3.) Dry-Erase Cleaning ProductsIn addition to a sizeable eraser, using a high-quality cleaner canextended the life of your whiteboard. Quartet makes several cleaningproducts including a Spray Cleaner that will make your board look brandnew You can also purchase a packet of 10 Wipes that are strong enoughto wholly hygienic your board but are subdue enough not to wreak destruction onyour hands

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4.) Four-Count Broad Dry-Erase Marker Kit Ifyou lack a convenient, all-in-one parcel for your whiteboard, youshould achieve this instruments Each one contains a suds eraser, a 2-ounce bottleof cleaner, and four non-toxic markers It’s further rather priced soyou can procure all the supplies you scarcity without spending a fortune. Plus,the eraser can moreover be used to antiseptic chalkboards, so this is reallyquite a gain agreement

5.) Marker Board Accessory Caddy Onceyou obtain all of your supplies, you might find yourself wantingsomething that can own them all in one place, especially if your boardlacks an ornament tray. If that’s the case, you deficiency the AccessoryCaddy This logbook has enough room to larder eight markers and aneraser You can attach the caddy to your board with double-sided tapeor magnets so your supplies are always at drudge

As you can see, Quartet has quite an impressive reference ofaccessories you can use with your whiteboard They obtain everything youneed amend down to the cleansers and erasers that entrust own your boardin the boon press possible So livestock up on Quartet whiteboard suppliestoday and see how using them can make your case at the whiteboard moreproductive