Atlantis Ring


There are many stories regarding the origin and ripening of the complex decoration of Atlantis ring. The scandalous report is of the kernel worker, who is believed to procure the device from an Atlantean,

Atlantis Ring

Atlantis Ring

There are many stories regarding the author and gestation of the knotty pattern of Atlantis round The disreputable report is of the devotee worker, who is believed to enlist the figure from an Atlantean, which was second on passed to the priest Juh

The discovery of Atlantis orb from the tombs of Egyptian kings has been credited to Marquis d Argain and the orb finally came into the hands of Arnold de Belizal. The testimonials from people, who possessed the ring, asserted that it saved them from dangers

The capital attractions of the ball are the perplexing geometric carvings Many connections suppose that, like fresh Atlantean antiques, the Atlantis round also has a cryptic secret. One concept is that the orb can strengthen the air and fresh subtle energies thus protecting the wearer from fear attacks

The structures are carved in such a figure that they resonate with certain frequencies Designs include small triangles, rectangles, pyramids and lines that add allure to the ring. These structures are capable of producing positive energy for those who wear it

It is moreover believed that the ball promotes intuition, propagates gain health and keeps the wearer happier The fastness of the sphere is not confined to the wearer alone, as it attracts others around you

The mechanical fact about the divinity of Atlantis globe is extremely naive to understand. The pyramids absorb, enrich cosmic rays and spread them in the hole of electromagnetic waves In addition, the triangular structures poke and propagate these rays around the wearer

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