Beads?A Sign of the Times?


When you hear the period beads, do you immediately think of jewelry? Or do you reckon of Rosary beads or some more non-jewelry use of beadsbeaded dresses, headbands, belts? Perhaps you think of a georgic and western outfit, a studded, head-to-toe piece of jewelry.

Beads?A Sign of the Times?

Beads?A Sign of the Times?

The top thought that enters your character when you hear the interval beads may date you and donate away your age faster than physical attributes If youre a product of the 50s, your temperament may ramble to pop beads, those plastic pull apart, pop together baubles that retain risen in value from pennies to $20, $30 or other If youre a product of the 60s, you may assume of love beads, which complemented the long-haired, dilapidated look, or your mood may ramble to the long strands of beads that once adorned inside doorways in Haight Ashbury with sounds of The Mamas and the Papas blaring in the background. Thanks to television, its laborious to forget the beaded belts of the 70s

From Ancient Trade to Modern Computer Applications

Beads predate the mid-20th century by eons Remember the abacus? Of course, you jargon actually remember back 2000 years unless you possess powers unknown to this author, but you can remember education about the abacus in school. In Europe, Venetian glass beads and German metal beads served as currency in trade as early as the 16th century Beads furthermore played a money role in Native American jewelry.

Bohemia (aptly named) was the center of the European bead trade from as far back as the Middle Ages Through the twists and turns of history, bead forging moved to Bavaria and now, has once again found its home in the Chezk Republic, in the Bohemia area, home of Swarovski Austrian crystals

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In 1990, Native American traditional beadwork intersected with computer sciences Several college campuses introduced a flyer program in which beadwork shaped the backbone for courses AutoCad and other motif program courses for Native American students. The popularity and applicability of these courses continues today

Modern Beads

Now that weve strolled down memory alley and taken a express look at vintage beads, beads no longer in production, where do beads interlock into todays jewelry scene? Theyre everywhere you look from occasional chokers and necklaces to fine Swarovski Austrian crystal designs

Think beyond a single strand of beads. Start by logical of a single strand of beads from which a pendant dangles. From there, think pinsyes, pins adorned with beads, beaded bracelets, barrettes, earrings, etc In fact, reckon beyond jewelry to purses and supplementary accessories If you look closely at your surroundings, youll find beads everywhere

The Many Faces of Beads

Another device that you might rethink is the composition and knead of beads Todays beads come in a host of shapes and materials, with Austrian crystal topping the guide Todays look du jour of transparent, transparent and iridescent beads don the bodies of the productive and noted along with everyday individuals Venetian glass beads often encapsulate swirls within the beads for a unique, timeless level

The modern in way trends includes hardly beaded silk purses. While you wouldnt deficiency to tester yourself in head-to-toe beads unless youre auditioning for a singing gig in Nashville, a silk beaded purse with a complementary beaded necklace turns an common evening outfit into a motile job of art

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Open your eyes and look for one-of-a-kind, handmade beaded jewelry Its everywhere, and its niche your name