Ormus Gold and Ancient Civilizations


One visit to the vast pyramids or the architectural relics of the Sumerians or the Mayans would drop us astonished that how could these folks who did not hold any technology or advanced equipment like us build such high structures.

Ormus Gold and Ancient Civilizations

Ormus Gold and Ancient Civilizations

One visit to the gargantuan pyramids or the architectural relics of the Sumerians or the Mayans would drop us astonished that how could these kinsfolk who did not posses any technology or advanced machinery like us build such high structures

There retain been many theories surrounding how they were actually able to do it Some archaeologists prattle that the ancient civilizations were given vast knowledge from by the visiting aliens who taught them advanced technology Some have put forth a thesis that there were giants among these relatives who aid them in construction. There further some who suppose that the fallen angles were here to poke for gold and they created people who possessed big intelligence from them One or the magical, concealed and supernatural power is found playing a predominant portion in most of the senile stories Similarly there are elements which are oral to possess such tenacity and keep been heuristic at job in many of the scripts and paintings Lets have a look at howOrmus goldhas been mentioned and depicted in the elderly world


This civilization depicted substantial characteristics entirely new to mankind Their intelligence, creativity and power cannot be matched even by the bestow genesis Among the metaphysical and magical elements mentioned in their words and pictures is a bread which the vicar brings from church and gives to all It is said have been given from kingdom and is shown to obtain radiance. Now the Sumerians gibber that aliens or the Anunnaki came for another planet to carry gold from tunnel This could be TRUE gold or actually Monoatomic gold which has spiritual power

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One of the common geometrical figures in all the Egyptian paintings is a conical or triangular shaped item containing body precious. They referred to a white powder or thing as the fare of gods or the Manna This they might retain borrowed from the Sumerians or discovered themselves These kin had great education about the properties of this magical sett of gold and used it in varied ways The kings and priests believed that it has great theraoeutic power and thus it was given as medicine to sick kin They furthermore verbal that Monatomic goldmade them other Knowledgeable or present consecrated enlightenment and thus it was consumed by leaders Even the dying kinsfolk were given this in a serum hole to support them motility through the underworld succulent and reach heaven.

Ancient Jews:

The Bible tells us that the Israelites were captives in Egypt and they were rescued by Moses and led to go to the promised land of Canaan As these kin were in the wilderness, they did not posses anything to eat and they were given white snowflake like sweet entity from elysium called the Manna to straw on In another occasion where a colossal palmy calf was made by them and they started to worshiping it. Moses melted the gold effigy, instigation it to power, various with wet and gave it to kin to absorb The colossal parson was supposed to go inside the gods divine sanctum and accrue the bread from there which was from eternity This was given to people to hold them unpolluted and strong. Archaeologists say that in all these instances it was the Ormus image they were referring to

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