EDc Diamond Opportunity Business Review

EDc Diamond Opportunity Business Review


Are you looking into the program EDC Diamond and trying to digit out if it’s a scam or not? This item consign provide you with an just review of the companyThe OriginatorsOriginators Craig Garcia & M. Thailand Wholesale Jewelry Manufacturer

EDc Diamond Opportunity Business Review

EDc Diamond Opportunity Business Review

Are you looking into the program EDC Diamond and trying to numeral out if it’s a scam or not? This object commit provide you with an unbiased review of the company

The Originators

Originators Craig Garcia & Michael Corcoran launched Easy Daily Cash or EDC in Feb. 2006. EDC Gold was their following launch in Nov. 2006.


EDC members originate their income by selling software and eBooks online They are the traditional products including framework templates, creating websites, phenomenon submission, email marketing, using Ebay, WebAudio plus, blog marketing, and affiliate programs.

Price To Join

There are 3 levels to the program:

A) EDC Gold priced at $997, $49.95 monthly admin fee

B) EDC priced at $297, $39.95 monthly admin fee

C) Your New Fortune priced at $69.95, no monthly fee

EDC Diamond is the newest grade to be added to EDC The remuneration to interlock this grade is $2497, plus $79.95 per month.

The Compensation Outline

The troupe has a modified 2-Up earnings stratagem This fashion that you obtain to consign up (2) sales to your helper This is a arduous redemption ploy for an online student relevant to the actuality that once the sponsor has profited from their 2 gulf up sales, the newbie breaks away from them What impetus would they own to support coach you when they are no longer manufacture any fiscal off of you? It is to their grade to offices their more new members attain their blessing 2 sales that they will obtain paid on, but after that you are on your own.

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While EDC Gold and EDC Diamond are not a scam, there are some encumbrances to the program The biggest factor that is problematic is with the EDC comp scheme As stated before, the 2-Up tactic is not prototype for building band synergy. As a sponsor, you need to be able to coach someone and then be rewarded for your coaching efforts. However, after the supporter make financial off of their member’s best 2 sales, they break away from the helper There is no longer any inducement for the helper to coach their members

The more matter is directly akin to the first A vast factor for begining internet marketers to be successful is poll the correct coach to list them. This is the blessing step to attaining success with online marketing for the beginner marketer. However, after the member breaks away from their protector in a 2 up plan, the headship and coaching entrust other than likely rest as well After that happens, the helper is actually in unqualified pursuit with the member